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Container transportations
Speed Oy is specialized in unit transportations. We deliver containers from all container ports in Finland.

We offer competitive full range solutions/services to fulfill the needs of our customers. Our professional traffic dispatchers key tools are web-based ordering and dispatching system SpeedOnline, a wide range of transportation equipments and service-minded drivers.

From our wide range of equipments you may find Speedloaders, that can be used to take down the container, for loading or unloading – and even leave the container on ground and pick it up later when the discharging is done.

Speed has also consistently developed eco-friendly transportation solutions over the years. The Eco-trucks, operating under an exception permit from the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, have accomplished the research target as carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions have been reduced by 40 percent.
SpeedOnline and paperless container trucking
SpeedOnline is web-based transportation order and follow-up system, that has been in use for over ten years. Through this diverse and user friendly system, a customer can make orders and follow the orders progress in real time. Terminal advices can also be done through the system.

Our system is constantly under development using the feedback received from our customers. The most recent development towards user-friendly system is the electronic waybill. Thanks to the modern driver´s terminal vehicle device, the consignee has the possibility to add an electronic signature into the waybill. There is no more need for paper waybills.

Naturally the invoicing is also done by Email or e-invoice.
SDH (Speed Depot Hollola)
Speed container and trailer depot in Hollola offers a possibility to store containers and trailers in a fenced and secured area.

This depot area of 10 hectares is located at the cross point of southern Finland: 10km from Lahti, by the highway 12 (to Tampere), 100km to Helsinki, Kotka and Tampere and 200km to Turku.

Inside this depot area we can offer our customers container and heavy vehicle maintenance.
Special transportation
Speed has the professional skills and the equipment also for special transportation. We organize the necessary arrangements always case by case.

We have equipment for long, over height and over weight transportation. We apply for the necessary permits and arrange the escort vehicles and plan, together with the authorities, the suitable transportation routes.

With modern genset equipment we can handle the temperature controlled reefer containers. We have also the necessary ADR permits to handle dangerous goods.
Shift traffic
To minimize the extra loading and unloading waiting charges, Speed has in recent years invested into own container chassises . This investment enables the possibility for shift traffic, where the container with the chassis is left for unloading – and the same time take out the chassis left there the previous time.

This service is suitable for short distances (maximum of 120km from the port), for customers with sufficient container volume. Thanks to our shift service – the waiting time costs are minimized.
Port service
The meaning of container transport service has changed over the past years, there is more to it than the moving of a container from one place to another.

Speed full service includes also:
  • issuing transportation documents
  • container releases and import and export clearences
  • unloading, loading and custom clearences
  • special transportation permits from the authorities